Sunday, May 15, 2005

weekend tidings

I'm tired in the good, satisfied, sleepy way after a day of doing all the things I really wanted to do today. Yesterday was a bit of a wash, so it was great to be able to do so much today and at least get something out of my too-brief weekend. Woke up early this morning and raced against the weather to get in 9 holes of golf with The Boy; it was only my second time playing golf ever and, as before, I have to say that I exhibited some natural golf prowess. Got far fewer Mulligans than my dear instructor, and even managed to sink a birdie (that means I got the ball in the hole in only two strokes, for the uninitiated). An added bonus was that because of the general cloudiness of the day, we got the entire course to ourselves and could take our sweet time at every hole (which was somewhat of a necessity, given the high do-over ratio of someone who shall go nameless). After golf, we had lunch with friends, and then rounded out the day with loads of shopping. Jeans, and shirts, and shoes, oh my! I only splurge on clothes about twice a year, but the high from it carries me for quite a while. So satisfying! Hope your weekends were just as nice.

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