Monday, May 09, 2005

weekend happenings

This weekend was pretty fun, if a little soggy, and of course not long enough. Went to a friend's apartment party Friday night, which was good and mellow, as usual. Saturday morning, I woke up fairly early with nothing in particular to do, but felt compelled to make good use of my time somehow since The Boy was off playing poker with a friend, so I ran some errands and called up a friend who I hadn't seen in a while and we went to brunch at one of my favorite open air cafes. She's a fun but kind of a bad influence friend, so we ended up going shopping, too. We hit up our favorite secondhand clothing store and I had to fight the urge to buy a pair of teetering Manolos that were on sale, and got a practical and cute pair of pink flats instead (much cheaper!). Saturday night, The Boy and I got dressed up like Young Republicans and went to a horse racing themed party (in honor of the Derby). Smallish party, probably due to the rain, but a friendly crowd and a good time. Knocked back enough mint juleps to send me off into a deep sleep that night. Sunday, I got to sleep in a little finally, and then went out to lunch with another friend I hadn't hung out with in a while. We went to Barney's, where I couldn't resist the urge to get their amazing seasoned curly fries. Mmm. Afterward, we went window shopping in the little district around my office and then spent some time playing with kittens at the local animal shelter. Of course that inspired pangs of wanting to take one or more fuzzy little creatures home with me, but unfortunately no can do. Capped the afternoon off with a movie: Talk To Her, which was kind of slow at the beginning, but managed to earn it's reputation by the end. Made a big ol' veggie laden dinner for The Boy and I (had to combat the effects of all those curly fries, afterall) and watched part of a movie on, what else, poker.

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