Monday, May 23, 2005

no-no's and public speaking

Had a relatively uneventful weekend. Went out Friday night with The Boy, The Boy's Boss, and The Boy's Boss's Boyfriend. TBBB is eerily like the gay male version of me, so of course we always have a good time when we hang out. TB and TBB are calm and collected types, while me and TBBB like to sit back with our Cosmos or our Stellas and cackle evilly about the people around us. (BTW, given a sighting that we had on Friday night - Men, it is not okay to wear white sweat suits (without undershirts and unzipped halfway down your concave chest), flip flops, gold chains, and/or bad comb-overs when you're going out with your honey. We, unfortunately for our poor burned retinas, saw all four disasters on the same guy. I had a compelling urge to follow his date into the bathroom to try to talk some sense into her, but restrained myself with the knowledge that she most likely had to be on drugs to be out with that guy and no one can rationalize with someone who is that cracked out.)

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet, ran some errands to prepare for TB's upcoming birthday, went to a friend's going away party, watched the season finale of CSI which we had taped from the other day, helped TB with a project he is working on, -oh- and I had my reading! I am, by nature, a very fast talker (not really a smooth talker, though, unfortunately), particularly when I get nervous, so I was all paranoid that I would just eat my words when I had to get up in front of everyone and read my piece. I was so worried about this that I wavered up until the last second over which piece I would actually read - the better ten minute one that could become achingly long if no one was into it, or a very brief piece that would be over as quick as a sneeze. I opted for the longer one in the end, partly because everyone else who was reading took their sweet time and partly because an old friend had shown up and I didn't want her to have wasted the trip just to hear me read for thirty seconds. It went well, I think. I managed to speak slowly (for me) and didn't lose my place and actually made people laugh a few times (btw, screw you woman in the front row who kept playing with her hair). TB made a video of it, but quite frankly I don't think my ego can handle watching it. I think I'll choose to remember it my own way.

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