Wednesday, May 04, 2005

full house - no, the other kind

I have to take this opportunity to gloat a little. You see, The Boy is something of a poker fiend and, as his girlfriend, I often get dragged around to seedy little casinos and card rooms and whatnot so that he can get his poker fix. This has been going on for close to a year now and, at the beginning of it all, I was also taught how to play Texas Hold 'Em and I enjoyed it and was fairly decent for a beginner. I attended a couple of The Boy's semi-weekly poker nights with his friends and managed to hold my own...that is until the other guys, feeling the threat of being beaten by a girl no doubt, decided to make the affairs a boys' only kind of thing, and I was thus ejected from future games with them (though I did manage to win a poker night with a different group of guys). Anywho, this has been a little bit of a point of contention for me. I tend to dislike boys' only things in general, probably stems from trailing after my older brother and his friends growing up, and I kind of resented being rejected from the games simply because I'm a girl, particularly since I don't consider myself a very girly girl and no one else's girlfriends or wives had even expressed an interest in coming, so it was clearly aimed just at me. Boo. (In the meantime, the couple who originally taught The Boy and I how to play poker have asked me on a couple of different occasions why I no longer play and have shared my sentiment about the suckiness of being excluded from the game.)
Anyway, last night, The Boy was again fiending for a few hands of Hold 'Em, so I offered to play him for a little while after dinner. The game went on kind of slowly for a while; we'd take turns stealing each other's blinds or catching weak winning hands. At one point, I was getting pretty short stacked and I thought I might be done for...but then it happened, the Poker Gods looked down favorably upon me, the little girl who just wanted to be allowed to play their game. Long story short, I kicked his monkey ass myself. Once I had gotten a clear chip lead, I offered to end the game so that we could go to bed (it was getting late), but he insisted that the game wasn't over until someone was cleaned out. At that point I had no choice but to sic not one, but two full houses on him and thus relieve him of all his chips. So, haha. Who says girls can't play?

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