Tuesday, May 10, 2005

learning the life of meme-ing

So, I recently learned the phrase "meme", and am doin' it here and now! This strain is swiped from ZenGrrl, who swiped it from someone else.

Are you more…
01) In a shower where you can’t get the temperature just right, likely to set the temperature to hotter than you like or colder than you like? Hotter! Even if it's so hot it turns my skin pink, keep cranking!
02) In a restaurant (that you MUST eat in) where they can’t get the spiciness just right, likely to order the food spicier than you like or blander than you like? Blander, I'm generally a spice wuss.
03) A person who sleeps soundly or a person who sleeps very lightly? I sleep so lightly, it's ridiculous.
04) Aware of your prejudices or believing that you have no prejudices? Aware.
05) A great neighbour to have or an undesirable neighbour to have? I'm a fabulous neighbor; I bake and I grow produce, both of which I like to share.
06) Believing that people, as a species, are capable of a lot more than we think or believing that people, as a species, simply are what we display now? Uhh...I think answering this question might require me to be the former, but I may be the latter.
07) Likely to throw a drunk idiot out of your party or likely to mutter quietly and just not invite them again? I would never throw myself out of my own party. That's just silly.
08) Yourself when around adults or yourself when around children? Always myself, except around teenagers.
09) Into the 12-grain whole wheat bread or into the regular white bread? I like a good 6-grain. 12 is just crazy talk.
10) Someone who couldn’t go 3 months without beef or someone who couldn’t go 3 months without chicken? Chicken – it's just so versatile! Although, three months without a cheeseburger is an awfully long time.

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