Tuesday, May 03, 2005

fingers crossed

The boy is still in the midst of business school madness, though it's getting awfully late in the application season. He's gotten nay's from two of the five schools he's applied to, which is a bummer because one was his top choice and the other was the only school he could go to without having to move. He's already interviewed with one of the remaining three and has an interview scheduled for another (though that's gotten all messed up and delayed in the past couple of weeks, so hopefully everything is still kosher), but no word at all from the fifth. All of this is quite agonizing. Why would someone willingly put themselves in this mess? I suppose I will have to follow the same process sooner or later, though...got to grow up some time! In the meantime, however, I get periodic emails from friends checking in to see if we know our futures yet. (No, we don't.) I'm an inextricably linked to this whole process, of course, what with being somewhat attached to the boy and all, and am probably even more on pins and needles than he is, if that's even possible. In a word - yarg!

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