Thursday, April 14, 2005

work sucks, let's all go home

I work for a nonprofit in a very nonprofit-y sort of town. The whole situation has its ups and downs, though lately they feel mostly like downs. One of the things I hate with my particular group is how there's always this big deal made about how we don't have any money, we need more money, nothing can be done until we have more money, but then certain people go apeshit to find ways to spend money in the most stupid and unprofitable way possible. For instance, we're (and by "we', I don't mean "me", I'm too far down on the totem pole to get to go anywhere) throwing this big cocktail party at an upcoming national conference, which is fortunately being underwritten by another group, but then the higher ups around here want to go around the event handing out our merchandise for free. This is crap that we have to theoretically try to make money, and they're packing up boxes of it to go give away. And, right now, some of them are over in the Executive Director's office talking about designing tee shirts to sell for an issue that we don't cover. We don't even deal with this particular problem, but because Someone's girlfriend just had a brainstorm about it he wants us to plug a bunch of money into having shirts made (shirts, as we've learned with previous merchandise items, don't sell, by the way). It's ridiculous.

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Dave said...

Gah, it's like there's some sort of hidden requirement that every management type person has to be stupid. I'm proud to say I've worked with some of the stupidest. I remember watching "Office Space" and thinking, "I'm not sure if I should laugh or start kicking managers in the shins." I regret not opting for the latter.

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