Saturday, April 02, 2005

drama for your mama

The boy has been having some roommate issues lately, and it's been reminding me that I should be glad not to have roommates anymore (though his are practically mine anyway). He lives with a guy and a girl, both younger than him but generally nice, fun people. The girl is in grad school and the guy is in community college, still figuring his shit out. Anyway, relatively recently the guy started going out with this new (skanky) girl who none of us can find it within ourselves to like. The circumstances of their getting together were tawdry enough to merit an appearance on the Jerry Springer show, and their relationship has established itself as something not too far from that either. The girlfriend's friends are plain scary, and she's not a whole lot better...very loud, skanky, obnoxious, oh and did I mention skanky? The bright side of the whole situation is that she lives across the country and is only around on breaks from school, but even that has been pretty hard to bear. As a result of the tensions caused by her presence in the house over spring break, the roommates have been at odds. Angry missives have been fired off to each other over email, and nothing can be fully resolved until the girlfriend leaves to go back to school. I think we're all counting down the hours.

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