Tuesday, April 19, 2005

eight hours and counting....

Only eight hours until our plane touches down in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! So exciting, partly because it's a vacation and any vacation is exciting, and partly because of all the fun stuff that the boy and I are about to embark on. We'll be spending a few days enjoying nature out in the Mojave Desert, where a friend is currently working on an archeological dig. While we're there we hope to see all of the amazing wildflowers that have cropped up with this winter's excess of rain (hope it's not too warm yet for them), as well as enjoying the every day beauty of the area, and the cool stuff that our friend has dug up in the course of her work there. Then, we're back (via 4x4) into Las Vegas for a quick bout of gambling (Texas Hold 'Em, of course, for the boy, and some slots for me) and the usual overindulgence that accompanies any trip to Vegas. (Did someone say Elvis Impersonator, what?) Then, we're down to Los Angeles for a few days with the boy's family and the annual Pesach Seder. As usual, there will be a big old crowd to enjoy the festivities, and a good time will be had by all, I'm sure. (Got to remember to work on my final essay for my writing class in the midst of all this madness!) Anyway, I'm looking forward to the whole thing, and can't wait until the end of the day!

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Litany said...

Ah, The balmy heat of Las Vegas! Hope you have fun and win some money!

The dig sounds very cool, I've always wanted to do that.