Wednesday, April 13, 2005

phew, again

I had my second "workshopping" experience last night in my writing class, this time for a piece on a summer camp I used to work at. I was afraid that the whole things might come across as too much of an insider piece, that no one would care to hear about this particular place or my ruminations on it. However, the class seemed fairly receptive to it, complimenting me again on my writing style, and giving me some suggestions for further development should I wish to revisit the piece. I'm really pleased with how my work has been received in this class, I have to say. Going into it, I'd had almost no experience with creative writing (fiction or non), and had no way of gauging where people's interest in my writing might fall. I was afraid that the consensus might be that I should give up the budding notion altogether, and return to what I know - reading and evaluating other people's work. Thankfully, though, the reviews have been positive, and I've even gotten some suggestions for places where I might want to submit my work for publication. The publication thing, however, is a whole other issue for me, one that hopefully I'll be able to sum up the courage to do some other day!

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Dave said...

I used to feel the same way (probably still do at times). I look at it this way, the only way to get better at writing is to write. Feedback from other people is great (and well crafted criticism can be a big help, both positive and negative), but writers write. You'll be fine, dude.

Good luck.

from Maximum Awesome