Saturday, April 02, 2005

let the money start rolling in

I just added Google AdSense to this page...any day now it'll turn me into a millionaire. I think the most interesting part will be trying to figure out the relevance of the ads they choose to post. The first one up was for left-handed guitars (oh great, now that I've mentioned it they'll always be about left-handed guitars), and I couldn't figure out the connection to guitars. Clearly, since I mentioned Burger King's April Fool's announcement about left-handed burgers, that's where the lefties bit came from, but I was having trouble with the other part. (Though it did remind me that I did want to post something cool about guitars...check it out, a friend's awesome handcrafted string instruments business - Manke Crafts. ) Anyway, I finally realized that I mentioned a listening to a guitarist while out in the city the other day. Mystery solved. I'm still curious about what sort of odd ads my ramblings will inspire, though. (PS: Thanks, to the boy, for his techie help.)

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