Monday, June 20, 2005

traffic generators

So, I've been playing around on blogexplosion a lot lately. Voting and participating in the Battle of the Blogs, putting myself on the Blog Rocket, surfing other people's blogs for credits. And then something struck me this morning as I logged in for the umpteenth time. Some people were chatting in the little shout-out box about how they don't write long posts anymore because nobody reads them. And I realized that somehow our approach to blogging has become incredibly skewed by these traffic generators. Adulterating your content for the reader? This is blogging people. You don't get paid for it, it's not your job, you have no one to please but yourself. It's your life that you're writing about, are you going to change that too just so that people have something else to read? Something is off in that logic and it hints of a compromised medium. That is not a compromise I'm willing to make.


-xtessa- said...

amen to that!!!

Tony Calabrese said...

Raving. I couldn't agree more. I write because I love it and I use the material I write on stage. I never write short posts. I write until I'm done.

I do want peoples reactions because if they read something they think is funny and they comment then I know I can use it. Hopefully the header makes them stay long enough to read it.

jessica said...

couldn't agree more... never edit yourself for your reader.

good luck on the battles!

prying1 said...

I get more comments from people coming to my site as a result of my commenting on theirs. I'm sure that you, Raving Loon, will drop by to see what I offer on my site. It will most likely be a longer and a higher quality visit than just BE rocketing or blog surfing. You may stay a bit longer or dislike my fare and avoid my blog in the future. I will have more name recognition as will you from me.

BUT! I do not leave comments just to get traffic. Most bloggers will see through that in a second. Then a reputation for being phony is spread and that would be a bad thing in this market place.

BE just seems to bring numbers raging past that I have to wonder about. Can some of these passers by even read or do they only know how to click a mouse and look at pictures. I agree with Tony (whom I like by the way) "Write until done..."