Wednesday, June 22, 2005

the people on your team

Spent most of yesterday in the maze that is Kaiser Medical Center in Oakland. The Boy had a brief, inexplicable health crisis in the morning, compounded by my own medical appointment in the afternoon. As a result, I visited about five different offices in the complex, got a lot of my current book read, and chewed my cuticles more than I probably should've. My favorite quote of the day came from one of the receptionists in the Radiology department. She was telling him not to worry about anything. However, seeing the nervous look on TB's face, she paused in processing his paperwork, leaned over and said, "Look, this is 2005. If anyone is not on your team, get rid of them. That's my motto. Get rid of them." Ha! So funny and so confusing all at the same time. Why wouldn't people be "on your team"? What exactly does the year have anything to do with it? In 2004, it was okay to have people who didn't support you but, honey, in 2005 that's got to end!! : )

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