Wednesday, February 23, 2005

is there an echo in here?

She did it to me. She didn’t mean to, but she did. That one comment changed everything. (See “BrightMorningStar’s comment on my January “resurfacing” post.) She meant to be encouraging, to urge me to continue writing into the void. But, the thing is, now it’s no longer a void. Now there are people on the other end. Faces illuminated by the sickly blue light of computer screens, reading my blog. I check almost daily now, scrolling down the page eyeballing the repeating phrase “0 comments ” over and over again. Now that there’s proof that people, someone, is reading this blog, these zeroes no longer mean that I am shrouded by invisibility, they mean that people are reading but people aren’t connecting. It’s like there’s an audience but no one is clapping, no one is even shifting in their seat and coughing uncomfortably. Shift, damn you! Cough, people! The silence is deafening.

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