Thursday, February 17, 2005

The 100 Things project

100 things about me (harder to do than you'd think):

1) I like bubble gum ice cream
2) I don’t have tonsils
3) I have forgotten more languages than most people know
4) I bite my cuticles when I’m nervous
5) I need lots of sleep
6) I am not a cyborg, but I know some people who might be
7) I love all animals
8) I have a pet turtle who will probably outlive me
9) I am an omnivore, but I try not to feel too guilty about it
10) I hate the sound of people eating popcorn in movie theaters
11) I like old musicals
12) I was a tomboy
13) My current favorite color is a pale robin’s egg blue
14) Nothing is as refreshing as watermelon juice
15) I’ve been to 47 of the United States
16) I am a liberal
17) I am a feminist
18) I do not think ‘liberal’ and ‘feminist’ are dirty words
19) I admire Anna Quindlen’s nonfiction writing
20) I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, even though I am grown up
21) I love Pablo Neruda
22) I am highly skeptical of people when they tell me I’m wrong about something
23) I am rarely wrong
24) I can kick your ass at Boggle
25) I rock Trivial Pursuit
26) I am bad at keeping in touch with people
27) I am the queen of care packages
28) I do not support war
29) I do “Books for Soldiers” (check it out:
30) I am in love with my boyfriend
31) I am scared of long-term commitment
32) I have a dry sense of humor
33) I always walk to my car with my keys in my hand
34) Every new season is my favorite
35) I am a great cook
36) I heart NY
37) I could never settle down anywhere but California
38) I love to watch jellyfish swim
39) I am a closet hypochondriac
40) I never thought I would be one of those people with a shitty desk job, but I was wrong
41) I have a mean streak, but for entertainment purposes only
42) I played defensive tackle in high school
43) I cry just about every time someone cries onscreen
44) During the “Friends” heydays, I was known as the Phoebe of my group
45) I have an affinity for plants and flowers
46) I have sensitive skin
47) My stomach just can’t take roller coasters
48) I dread cleaning, but I love a clean house
49) Sometimes I think that I’m pretty close to figuring things out
50) I love water, but I’m a terrible swimmer
51) I bleed blue and gold
52) Saturday is my favorite day of the week
53) I’m going to make a fabulous mother some day
54) Like every other girl, I too went through a photography phase
55) Just because I’m from California doesn’t mean I’m Barbie
56) I’ve ruined Apple Martini’s for myself
57) I prefer email to talking on the phone
58) I think that puppies influence my biological clock more than babies do
59) There are some losses that I will never get over
60) My birthday makes me squirm
61) I love all holidays
62) I’m trying to donate to Locks of Love (check ‘em out:
63) I’m too disorganized to use my Palm Pilot
64) I appreciate snarkiness
65) I like to eat my vegetables
66) In my cd player right now: the “Garden State” soundtrack
67) The latest movie I saw: “In Good Company”
68) I’m currently reading Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison
69) I like the smell of clean laundry; my year living above a Laundromat was smellerific
70) I’m a shower kind of girl
71) I have a brother, we are nothing alike and I’m not sure why
72) When I was a kid I thought that everybody would always be nice
73) I’m better at writing about others than about myself
74) I like to make jewelry, but only the first earring in a pair
75) I love to look at houses
76) I believe in questioning our leaders
77) I am amazed by people who are very directed with their lives
78) Falling flower blossoms are just about the prettiest thing on Earth to me
79) I can be really lazy when no one is looking
80) I’m addicted to the news in all its forms
81) I appreciate good gossip, even if it’s about people I don’t know
82) Sometimes I wish I had more willpower, and by more I mean any
83) I used to take great delight in being outrageous, now I only enjoy it periodically
84) I like to make people laugh
85) I have a terrible memory
86) I really wish I could surf
87) If you wake me before my alarm clock, I will not be your friend
88) I can’t stand the smell of eggs
89) I sunburn easily
90) I have become good friends with my parents
91) I dislike people who always have to have the last word
92) I think people should look forward more to their marriage than to their wedding
93) I am learning to cope with death so that I can help others learn to do the same
94) I remember celebrities names and personal information with alarming clarity
95) I never remember to do anything unless it’s made it onto a list somewhere
96) I am not religious
97) I will get my first tattoo with my grandchild on their 18th birthday
98) I have a temper
99) I prefer dark chocolate
100) I will die of something random at a ripe old age (see for yourself:

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