Friday, July 01, 2005

over the river and through the woods

It's Fourth of July weekend (almost) - woohoo! Well, maybe just "woo". I've still got some time until I can call it a day, and even when that happens, my weekend plans aren't all that exciting. As the title of this post indicates, I'm going to my grandmother's house this weekend. It's an annual pilgrimage for everyone in our family, since it's both her birthday and a three-day weekend (no excuses for not being there!). It's a long, boring drive, to a hot, boring place in the middle of nowhere, only made tolerable by the hugs and love shared by the rest of the flock. (Sometimes even that's not enough!)

So, basically, my weekend consists of me driving to my parents house, all of us driving to my grandma's house, all of us driving back to my parents house, me being guilt tripped into staying longer, and then me driving back to my own house. Phew. Good thing everyone else in America has also decided to spend the weekend in their car. At least we get three days to recover from all that.

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