Wednesday, July 20, 2005

one of those days, I just escaped from a potentially very embarassing situation. See, I went down the hall to the bathroom (the communal one) and popped into the last stall, since there was no one in there. I did what I had to do, flushed, and twisted the silver locking handle back to the left to exit the stall. Twist, push, nothing. Hmm...twist, push, nothing. The door wouldn't open. Peering closer to the latch, I could see that it was no longer engaging with the mechanism inside the door and the post was stuck in the lock. I tried twisting lightly... nothing; twisting hard... nothing; twisting while leaning to the left...nothing; shaking the whole door frame in an attempt to dislodge the cheap-ass lock...nothing. i was stuck. I weighed my options, eyeing the 14" gap between the bottom of the stall door and the dusty tile floor. Maybe I could just wait in here until someone else came along, maybe they'd be able to jimmy the lock from the outside. The thought of being forever remembered as "the girl from down the hall who got stuck in the bathroom" just didn't appeal. My mind flashed to the junior high school trick of locking stalls and slipping back out underneath to foil the next person who had to pee. I did what I had to do, dropped my adult self to the floor and slid out from under the stall door like the experienced swing dancer I'm not. Phew. Free at last. Hope there's not too much floor funk stuck to my butt.

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