Wednesday, January 26, 2005

the root of tiaras, alcohol, and sugar cereals

I recently (okay, five minutes ago) changed the name of my blog. It was previously known as "Ravings of a Modest Genius," but has since been changed to the lovely title you see at the top of your screen. That is not to say that these are not still the ravings of a modest, if misunderstood, genius or that you should not respect them as such, but I thought it sounded a little heady. So, now here we are at "tiaras, alcohol, and sugar cereals". As I mentioned previously, my boyfriend has recently been applying to graduate schools and writing those annoying Personal Statements that every school wants you to humble yourself with. The topics are absolutely insipid, like "what is your greatest accomplishment" (I dunno, I'm only 25.....I haven't quite got that whole world peace thing in the bag yet), to "if you had to stand outside in the rain for twelve hours with a book, a puppy, and a turnip, and you had to balance on one leg, which leg would you stand on?" (I told him to say the left one, but he insisted on the right one, so we'll see if he gets in or not). Anyway, all this instrospection b.s. got me thinking about when I got to know one of my most favorite friends, J. J and I were out buying birthday presents for another new friend and trying to figure out what she'd like best. Not knowing what to get our new pal, J asked me what I liked most in the world... my response (you listening, future admissions committees?)-- tiaras, alcohol, and sugar cereals. While I was a mere youth of 20 years old at the time, a wee thing compared to the wise 25 year old who writes this today, I still have to abide by those as being among my favorite things in the world. Every girl should be able to feel like a princess, let loose a little, and indulge in what makes her smile.

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