Wednesday, January 26, 2005


So, it's been three months since I last posted and I haven't even made it off page one yet. I suppose this is why I don't keep a daily journal. Fortunately for me, I don't have any sort of readership, so I'm really the only one who noticed that I fell off of the blogging radar. <> alright, I forgive myself and I'm over it. The thing that actually prompted me to go back to this talking-to-myself-in-a-cup phenomenon that we'll call "my blog" was that last night my boyfriend announced that he wants to start a blog. Now, I never told him about this little experiment of mine, so I was somewhat surprised in his interest. This is, after all, a guy who doesn't have the time to read a magazine, make his own dinner, or finish anything else that he starts (yes, we are a perfect match). Anyway, he has been feeling particularly introspective lately, what with applying to graduate schools and having to complete those dreaded Personal Statements, and he thinks he's ready to step into the wide-open world of blogging. Poor naive boy...

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TheBrightMorningstar said...

Welcome back onto the "band wagon". I just started blogging for the first time last week. It is actually a class requirement that I have.
I thought that your blog was interesting, especially your last entry in October. It reminded me of a time when my friend Karry and I were out at a dance club. A toothless, smoking, beer spilling, flannel shirt wearing, stinky, old man told my friend that he liked the outfit that she was wearing. We both chuckled as she politely said thanks. Thinking all was safe to continue our conversation that we were having before the interuption, he spoke again. To this day we still crack up about what he was to say next. He actually said, "I really DO like your outfit, can I BE your outfit?". Could you imagine that line working on anyone ever? Needless to say, we walked away practically peeing ourselves. I thought that was the worst line I had ever heard until I read your entry.
Hope you keep blogging, The bright morningstar