Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oops...oh well, I'll blame it on school

I missed Haiku Wednesday yesterday...oops! But, I have a good excuse -- it was my last official day of the semester! Woohoo! (Nevermind the fact that I actually finished my last presentation the day before and just spent Wednesday hanging out with my classmates and professors drinking beers.)

There's so much excitement now, too. It's almost Christmas (when did that happen?), there's a giant snowstorm about to hit, and I get to go home in only a few more days! Before that happens, though, I get to go out with my girls for one last outing before we all go our separate ways for break. And, I'm have two hot dates coming up. One is between my ass and a stadium seat to finally see the new Bond flick (purrrrrr....also, yay to having time to go to the movies!! I may even go to a matinee...double yay!). The second is with the boy I went out with last week...just googled his name (so informative) and apparently he's a genius in just about everything. Wow....just wow. Smart is hot. Anyway, here's a belated haiku:

Winter wonderland,
Best when spent under covers,
Sleeping in all day.

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